Save Farscape Marketing Plan in conjunction with the Webmasters' Association (WA) present: The Advertising and Marketing Plan to Save Farscape

Introduction The Webmasters' Association (WA) is made up of several Farscape fan sites, and was formed to coordinate efforts and resources to help save Farscape. This group will be the guiding force in deciding the course this campaign will take, and the plan supports the joint goals agreed upon by the Association.

The marketing plan is meant to be a flexible structure for basing project decisions, and will reflect the changing needs and budget for as long as this campaign continues. We feel that this plan works in concert with what other save Farscape sites and groups are planning without infringing upon their hard work. We all have the same objective--saving Farscape.

Overview This campaign has two objectives. The first is to publicize Farscape to the viewers--through this publicity new viewers will find Farscape and increase market share to at least the 2.0 mark requested by David Kemper.

The second is to publicize the campaign to the media. The campaign received media attention because the use of technology to link people across the world in a grass roots movement. To lose that feel of community and teamwork would be a huge mistake and one that would most likely cost us any further press coverage.

The marketing plan supports both objectives. It is designed at three levels: individual, regional and national. Individual and regional marketing policies were developed to provide material resources, comprehensive project plans, and centralized advisors to those who want to participate on a local level. National projects will have the highest visibility and the greatest potential for significant coverage in large markets and will be managed by a team assembled through the WA. Most of the available funding will be preserved for national projects.

Individual Support The campaign is successful so far because of the involvement of individual fans. The WA and Save Farscape (SF) will continue to make a complete resource for materials and ideas for fans and sites alike to use and guide them in their activities. Here are the ways we will help you:

Homework This is a key activity in keeping fans focused on the plan. The team will provide all the info needed to fulfill each assignment when it is posted. Additional materials such as graphics will be supplied as well.

Idea Center This will be the main source of inspiration and guidance for those seeking either or both. Resources include: - "Ideas" section on bboards where people can post their campaign ideas and success stories - a list on the SF web site with some of the highlights from the bboards - how-to's for running events, guidelines for pursuing local media, placing ads, etc.

Graphics Warehouse The current listing of graphics will be updated and expanded to include copyright-friendly promotional pieces such as fliers, postcards, card stock door hangers, stationary, stickers, etc. for download. All pieces sponsored by the SF/WA team will have a common look to it so that over time, people will identify the graphics and message with the movement (commonly alled "branding").

Ad Gallery We will provide several different copyright-friendly choices for print ads designed by fans and chosen via contest for those who need or want help in ad design and placement. We would also provide web-ready versions of the TV commercials for example only (when available), and sample radio spots (also when available). Placing any of the ads will require higher resolution files or formats than will be available online, so anyone wanting to use them will have to contact the ad crew in advance.

Press Kit A press kit is planned to publicize the campaign to the media. All pieces of the kit will be available online for fans to send to local media outlets. Some major regional markets as well as national media outlets will be handled through the SF/WA affiliated teams. To avoid contact duplication, we will ask fans who send out press kits to notify us of who and where they were sent to so we can update the master list on the web site.

Campaign Progress Weekly progress reports will include: - all the media outlets contacted with press kits - where ads (print, TV, Radio) have been placed. This includes projects executed by individuals and small groups of Scapers on a local level. - events, locations and outcomes - group charity contributions in the name of Farscape - press received, including local updates from individual and group efforts

Regional Support Regional events can be a huge asset in gaining new viewers by generating buzz and enthusiasm. Regional coordinators will work with local volunteers to develop and staff the events and liaise with events managers. Types of events include:

Charity Events (SF crew contact: Mickie) The marketing team will design and produce charity-specific promotional materials, press releases to the local media, and advertising promote events, as well as comprehensive step-by step plans to take projects from initial recruiting to final reporting.

Conventions (SF crew contact: Makiko) Regional contacts (RC) will organize local volunteers to support the campaign at conventions and liaise with convention management to arrange distribution of materials. They will also manage publicity of demonstrations or rallies with local media.

Rallies (SF crew contact: Mr-Trent) Regional contacts will work with local rally organizers to send press releases, help with advertising, and provide other promotional materials as available.

National Support Some projects will be managed at a national level to coordinate press releases to national media and acquisition of Farscape merchandise through volume purchase or donation. Key areas include:

Guerilla Radio Promotion (SF crew contacts: Twich, feldman) A national radio campaign is planned for the first full week of January through radio stations in each of at least ten major markets. The week beginning Jan 6, DJs will read short spots about Farscape and local viewing information leading up to a contest for a Farscape merchandise prize. At the end of the week (on Farscape Friday) a large Farscape merchandise prize package will be given away to some lucky winner. The primary objective is the air time devoted to Farscape and mention of the January episodes to pique interest of potential viewers. The secondary objective is to win some sweet swag. :)

The marketing team is approaching manufacturers and distributors for donations of product for the prize packages in return for air credit and mention on the site sponsor page. This gives low-cost advertising to Farscape product companies and promotes them to fans as sponsors of the campaign. The number of stations in the giveaway depends on how much product we receive from the manufacturers.

Press Kits The most cost effective way to inform the national media of campaign objectives, plans, and successful events is to provide press kits. Since the media likes to focus on the technology aspect of the movement, we will give them something else to talk about by providing the majority of the press kit as a CD-ROM.

CD's are cheaper to produce and the design of both CD documents as well as printed documents will be chosen by fans via contest. We will do our best to keep production costs down and mailing costs reasonable as this will be our biggest expense.

Promotional Materials All promotional pieces such as fliers, brochures, postcards, stickers, etc. will be available online for download to keep central costs down and allow preservation of the fund for larger projects. Part of the fund is intended to support promotional items such as pens or magnets for distribution at events. These products will be selected after costs are determined for the current projects.

Miscellaneous It is imperative to go to merchandisers as ONE GROUP with SPECIFIC PLANS to ask for donations. Having everybody call the merchandisers with different requests will only irritate them over time, deplete their revenue, and dry up any hopes for large-scale donations. Please contact Twich through PM or by e- mail at with specific requests for products so she can make a single presentation when dealing with merchandisers.

The overall campaign design concept will be chosen through a contest. The SF ad crew will post the guidelines and rules as well as the specs for the pieces to be used by designers when coming up with the package concept. Other contests include a slogan contest, ad contest, and promotional give away designs. Watch for contest announcements on the bboards and through the SaveFarscapeAnnouncements mailing list.

Project information such as progress, media outlets already contacted, team members, and costs will be posted as information is obtained. New projects will be posted as they are identified by the SF/WA team.

Make connections through groups and clubs to recruit team members for local projects. The more people involved, the less individual time and financial resources are required. This plan is in the beginning stages. Your help will enable us to roll out materials faster. Please volunteer if you can, and continue to brainstorm and share ideas. Please contact with any questions.

Thanks for your continued support. ScapeArtist, Twich, and mycattoldme Save Farscape's Advertising and Marketing Crew