The following are Caps from scenes with the highest drool to pixel ratio, picked for your viewing pleasure by members of KEB

The scene with PrinceKai and Xev making out, you know when he places her hand (what we think is) between his legs ~ Tommen

His thighs were quite well defined when he was crouching on the edge of the moth during their flight, also. ~ Gobagirl

And that neat vein that ran down the top of his bicep...just begging to be teased with a hot, live tongue... ~ Gobagirl



And the tightening and defintion of the muscles in his chest as he pulled his bow? You're not the only one who notices details...~Allison

And how about the scene where he is piloting the balloon and the handle of the tiller is lodged ever so firmly against his inner thigh (no symbolism THERE), pulling the skirt higher up that it should be, giving quite a nice view of his thigh musculature! ~ Gobagirl

Or the piercing black eyes  set off by the enticingly curled forelock and the slight beard growth? 

~ Gobagirl

Or the way he trembled his lower lip so erotically as he shot Duke in the chest....anybody else catch that one? ~ Gobagirl

A picture is worth a thousand words. ~ Camelyn


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