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Saturday, July 20th, 2002

After Hours


Jason, Jason, Jason....*sigh*

Somehow, after much begging, pleading and plying of alcohol, we managed to convince Lex to join us at the Palace.  We left Breaker's but not before we got Jason's promise that he would join us at the Palace after he closed.   Lex took the lead, since he had apparently frequented the place in his University days, and he knew a shortcut.  Go figure.   The Palace turned out to be an after hours, techno-dance, shake your booty type meet (meat?) market.  But what the hell, I was drunk, and Lex was there.  I kept doing double takes all night!   Unfortunately I had to park my stick outside, much to my eventual dismay.

So we got ‘Giggy’ with it, even Lex (heh), and at one point we sang a rabble-rousing rendition of the Brunnen G fight song to some techno mix, which Lex belted out right along with us.  Jason joined us shortly and we partied into the wee hours.  Then the lights came on, and Lex said goodbye to all of us with hugs and kisses.  He is a truly remarkable man, and I am looking forward to seeing what he will be working on next.

Once outside the club, I went to fetch the sacred stick, only to find it gone!  I mean come on.  It was a blue broomstick for pete’s sake!  Who’d a thunk someone would consider it worth stealing?  So my humblest apologies go out to the now broomstickless establishment from which it was borrowed, my only consolation being that there were about a dozen more, of various shapes and sizes in the stack of refuse that I found the sacred blue stinger stick in.  Perhaps it won’t be missed much.  

The ten or so remaining Lexxians began the trek back to O'Brien Hall, belting out once again the much abused fight song to cheers of “Rock on” and “Yeah Lexx” for the hordes of equally drunken Halifaxians making their way home.  The rest of the night/morning was spent watching Amelie and eating Chinese food, an event that I couldn’t stay awake to participate in, unfortunately.