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Friday, July 19th, 2002

Bar Hop with Brian

I walked into the bar, and there sat a couple dozen Lexxians, happily chatting up a storm with an equally happy Brian Downey.   I approached the most composed looking of the lot, which turned out to be Black Cloud, who welcomed me, told me to grab a seat and go say hi to Brian. Not being one to argue, since that was exactly what I wanted to do anyway, I set myself up with a chair and walked over to Mr. Downey.  He is quite a handsome guy in person (read: without the red hat) and a snazzy dresser. I introduced myself, and told him I had come from Montreal. Sweetheart that he is, he tried to speak to me in French. Now he is a gem of a person, but for the love of the French language, I wished that he would stick to English!  I learned quickly that Brian has a delightfully decadent sense of humour, demonstrated by the fact that he thought it would be funny to stick his tongue in my ear when posing for a picture.  Now I rather enjoyed it, I mean, I wasn’t the one licking the ear of a sweaty person who had just schlepped for an hour and a half around downtown Halifax in 98% humidity wearing a suede jacket. 

PS: Thanks for the extra pics Stormsweeper!!

Headgehog, Stormsweeper and Identity6


The evening was filled with much laughter and alcohol, since Brian generously bought the drinks for everyone.  What a doll!  I mean really, name one other television or film star that would do that for about 20 relatively unknown to him (but extremely dedicated) fans? Brian has good karma in spades coming back at him in the next life.  He is a generous and genuine person, and we could do with a few more like him in this world.

Videl, Brian and Goblinbabe

Top this all off by having your free drinks served to you by the most adorable waiter with the perfect bod, smile and little orange Mohawk, really, what more could a girl ask for?

Picture of adorable waiter dude, for me and Identity6

Brian left, eventually, and so did we when they turned the lights on at the second bar we had made our way to , in a not so subtle attempt to tell us to get our drunken carcasses out of there.  Myself and three other happily drunken Lexxians made our way back to O’Brien Hall for an hour or two of conversation and giggles.  I vaguely recall something funny about fore-beavers, giga-beavers and proto-beavers, but alas, my memory fails me on the specifics, not a bad thing I’m sure.