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Saturday, July 20th, 2002



At nine sharp (I think), I arrived at Breaker's, stick in hand, where Brian was already waiting.  Brian had reserved a large room for us, and once again the drinks were on him for the evening.  Is he something or what? I chatted with him and some others while we waited for everyone to arrive.  As preparations were underway for Unconadoom, we had another surprise guest; Mary Lou Martin, the original choreographer for the Brigadoom episode dropped by to watch the show.  How cool is that?
Patricia, Ellen, Kevin, Alex, Lex and a few others I can’t remember (sorry!), arrived to chat and drink with us. Myself and 3 others (CatCharm is the only name I remember) spent a wonderful half hour or so talking to Lex, about where we were from, what we did for a living, how we started watching the show, and some other interesting stuff I can’t remember because I was on my 4the screwdriver by then.
Sometime after 10 pm with everyone in costume, UnConadoom was set to begin.  Lex was still at our table and seemed almost as excited as the participants.  He had given us some background into the writing of the lyrics and score for the episode by his brother and himself.  The music is based on German lullabies.  He confirmed that there would probably never be a soundtrack released for complicated reasons I won’t get into, and when I mentioned the MP3’s we all had downloaded, he said that that was cool by him, to get them out to as many people as possible, in any way possible.  Well there goes that little bit of guilt I’ve been harbouring!  It was quite a fascinating intro to the upcoming performance.  Apologies, but I can only remember the names of a few of the people who took part.
Headgehog played a wonderful live Kai, dressed in the colourful Brunnen G costume.

Left: UnConadoom begins with "Brunnen G"

Right: Headgehog sings "Go Beyond" as live Kai

“Dull, Dull, Dull” was hilariously well done, and the Lexx folk got a huge kick out of it.

Patricia reprises her role in Brigadoom (Go Beyond)!

The time prophet role got some high praise from both Ellen and Lex, and was beautifully handled.

Left: "Farewell"

Right: "Time Prophet"

Above Left: "The End of the Brunnen G"  Above Center: "Two Hearts"  Above Right: "Sweet Relief"

Left: "A Good Way to Die"

Goblinbabe’s stinger atop my pilfered stick was brought out for the Brunnen G fight song, to a chorus of 'oos' and 'aaahs' from the Lexx folk.  His Devine Shadow was superbly played, however there seemed to be an excess amount of enthusiasm displayed when stabbing Headgehog with that bottle opener…repeatedly.  Some people “become” the role I guess (heh).

The performance ended, and there was an enthusiastic round of applause from the Lexxian audience as well as the Lexx crew, punctuated by choreography advice from the Mary Lou for future performances.  Lex gave a lovely thank you speech at the end to show his appreciation.  So all in all, it went over well, no one ran away screaming, or lost a limb, or an eye or…seriously, it was lovely, guys.  I can’t be 100% sure, but I swear I saw Lex wipe a tear from his eye.
After the dust settled, we proceeded to the serious drinking, talking and mingling, and I had the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation with Ellen.  She is a truly genuine person, and made me feel absolutely at ease with her.  I am going to make a point of checking out some of her other work, as I was so impressed by the person, I am curious to see the actress doing her thing!
The evening wore on and the Lexx folk took their leave of us amid hugs, kisses, photos and sniffles, until there was just Lex, about 10 Lexxians, and the overworked but ever pleasant and cute waiter Jason.  Lex regaled us with stories, punctuated by impromptu sing-along’s with renditions ranging from R&B to TV theme songs.  Lex actually has quite a nice singing voice and a sharp and crusty (like old cheese…or old socks) sense of humour.  Eventually we had to leave, but at Jason’s suggestion we headed to The Palace.