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Saturday, July 20th, 2002

Q&A at Dalhousie

Technical Note:  Due to the fact that my camera became possessed by evil entities at the time, the film taken during the Q&A was overexposed, so these are the few pictures I could salvage.  If you have any pictures you would like me to add, please feel free to send them to me, and I will post them with proper credit. 

Dalhousie University

While we waited in a room for Brian to pick up the door prizes for us, we were treated to some wonderful stories about the beginnings of Lexx from Les, including telling us about the 10-minute short film they did to pitch the idea.  Patricia and Ellen also entertained us with stories about filming season four while we waited.  Patricia had had a nasty fall and bruised her side badly one day, but, trooper that she is, continued filming.  Michael McManus drove the riverboat himself in season 4, and he actually took lessons to learn how.  It was a difficult task, and apparently he did it quite well.  There were so many other glorious little stories, from all of them, too many to write down.  

During this time, the Storyboard artist Kevin Sollows dropped in, bringing copies of the storyboards for “The Game” to give away.  The Storyboards were beautiful, detailed and almost as interesting to look over as it was to watch the episode…almost. And then Lex Giggeroff joined the little gathering, and shared some more stories with us as well, while also taking the opportunity to reminisce with Les and the rest of the Lexx folk.  Alex Busby, the visual effects supervisor dropped in as well and the event turned into a “hey do you remember…” exchange between the Lexx cast and crew.  I for one was riveted.  It is cool enough to be able to ask these guys questions, but to be able to hear them ask the questions they had always wanted to ask each other was just amazing.  Shortly, Brian returned carrying in box after mysterious box of goodies for us.  Then to our absolute delight, Paul Donovan dropped in, bringing with him the costume designer for the first season, I believe her name was Kay, but I haven’t been able to confirm this.  Again we were encouraged to ask questions, and we did, learning some wonderful things about the making of Lexx in the process.  In a short while, Jay Switzer, President of CHUM Television also joined us.  Paul indicated to us the CHUM was the only organization that had backed Lexx right from the get go.

At this point, all of us stunned little fish just shut up and let the magic happen.  We were treated to an exchange between these wonderfully creative people who brought us Lexx, all in the same room at the same time after who knows how long!  They had more questions for each other than we had for them!  It was an absolutely fascinating exchange to watch, and it was wonderful to be the audience in that room.  I think that during this exchange, other Lexx folk may have stopped by as well, but they were coming so fast and I was so star-struck that I lost track of all the names.

Patricia had a surprise for us all, including the Lexx crew.  She had gotten a copy of the tape of outtakes and goodbyes that had been put together for the wrap party.  It was absolutely hysterical and uncensored including a bit from Michael swearing like a sailor and laughing, while dressed as Kai, which almost had me peeing my pants AND falling off my seat at the same time!  It was wonderfully done (musical score and everything), and both Lexx folk and Lexxians had a good laugh.  The goodbyes were hard to watch for everyone though, but it was such a privilege to be able to share that with them all in the room, almost like being able to say goodbye in person.  Thanks so much, Patricia!   By the way, should that tape just HAPPEN to fall into a stray VCR and magically reproduce itself, I know some people who would run naked through the streets of Halifax to get a copy. 

After that comical interlude, it was time for the gifts.  I say gifts instead of prizes, because there was something for everyone, and these were special.  Brian, Patricia and Ellen just kept drawing names and putting them back in the bag to draw again, until everything was gone.  There were complete storyboards and scripts, drawings of the Lexx, Lexx corridor maps, pictures of the cast in their costumes, location scouting pictures and much more.   I can’t remember it all, but please feel free to let me know if I forgot anything.  I got the storyboard and script for 4.22 “Trip”, which Paul, Lex, Kevin, Alex, and Les autographed for me (I asked REAL nice).  I also got the drawings for the standing sets and corridors of the Lexx, in case I ever find myself on board and need to find the bathroom, I guess.  Needless to say I am thrilled.  Ellen laughed looking through Brian’s treasure trove and said she wished that she could have taken some home herself.  After the gifting, there was a round of picture taking, autographing, and informal little talks with the Lexx cast and crew.  Brian had brought us copies of a number of unreleased pictures from season 1 and 4 in particular that were fantastic, especial the one of Michael and Brian playing together under a blanket in Stan’s Moth/bed (Note: Brian has indicated that anyone who attended UnCon who did not get copies of the unreleased pictures should let him know and he will get those right out to them (See, like I said, sweetheart).  You can contact me if you like, and I will pass on the info!) .  I also love the “Kai in Henry the V” poster from “Fluff Daddy”.  Brian, Patricia and Ellen had brought stacks of photos of themselves to autograph for us, which of course we all took full advantage of.  Rolf Kanies who couldn’t make it, pre-autographed a whole slew of pictures for us, including one that said “I hate carrots” which almost made me choke on my water when I saw it!  Thanks to the Lexxian who slapped me on the back, likely saving my life.  As the schmoozing continued, I managed to recover a bit from the shell shock, and I remembered some of the questions I had wanted to ask.  I learned a lot about Lexx in those one, two, or three-on-one conversations, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Ellen also made us all write down our e-mail addy’s for her, so I am guessing she will keep in touch.  Sweet, huh?

I have finally uploaded samples of the pics that were given out by Brian, as well a scan of the cover of the storyboard for Trip.  For a look-see, click Here

After the chatting broke up, and we all agreed to meet at Breakers at 9:00, there was the Unconadoom rehearsal, which I unfortunately missed due to a pressing need to call my kids and take a much needed shower.

This little break was also punctuated by a quest for a suitable stick for the replica of a stinger that Goblinbabe had made and brought over all the way from England.  How she got that through customs is a question I forgot to, but should have asked.  I procured said stick, a blue broomstick, which involved some pilfering on my part, but I had every intention of returning it to the rightful owners.  Something about roads, and paving, and good intentions...

Kevin Sollows and CatCharm Say Bye from Dalhousie